RCB Consulting Group, LLC is a full service consulting firm focusing on the ever changing accounting needs of our clients.  We service both businesses and individuals.  What sets us apart from other providers is our dedication to maintaining each client's vision, while providing them with the tools to be more successful and profitable.  Our expertise gained from over twenty years in Corporate America gives us an appreciation of the business needs and pressures our clients face.  This experience produces practical recommendations that increase efficiency and improve quality.
We have developed a reputation for professional excellence through
 the high quality of services we perform for our clients.


Your business has been established, so now, let’s determine how you get paid.  There are fees from payment processors each time you accept  debit or credit cards. Average fees deducted from credit card payments easily hover over 3%. Have you taken a moment to review your financials to determine how much you are spending on fees each year? Direct processor's fees can yield a cost savings as much as 43% when compared to third party processors. This change is a “no brainer”, right?  It is critical to budget for this often forgotten expense. 

I am a great referral to work with business owners to setup processes and budgets to increase income potential! 
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